2006.11.16. FSIM

Roland írta,
18 óra 33 perckor,
Médiaszemle témakörben.
The following year I could happily have done without the Eight Hour Race. But unfortunately it was in my contract now, there was nothing I could do to get out of it. It also came at the worst possible time of the season, just after I had finished a lowly seventh in the German Grand Prix. But instead of a nice holiday, I had to go back to Japan. [...] Our VTR was red and white and my teammate was, once again, Colin. At first, they thought of pairing me up with Kato, but he was a Dunlop man and I was with Michelin, so instead he got Ukawa. There were three official Honda teams: me and Colin with number 11, Barros and Okada with number 4, and Kato and Ukawa with number 33. It actually was a very strong field that year. Even though I had arrived in a rotten mood, I found that I was flying along. I was regularly a second and a half faster than Colin, despite the fact, ultimately, the VTR is practically the same bike he rides in Superbike. Colin would go look at the monitors, see my time and say something like "fucking speedy Italian mafioso". I think he liked having a fast teammate, even though perhaps my performance hurt his pride a little bit!

Részlet a Valentino Rossi - What if I had never tried it c. könyvből.


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